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… Because every child deserves a decent start

Why Stichting Babyspullen?

In 2012, Marjolijn & Gyula Hermus decided to tackle a growing problem. “When i became a mother, I was lucky enough to get lots of help and gifts from family, friends and neighbours and this made me wonder: what happens to those parents who don’t have a support network like I do, how do they manage to get everything they need? Two children later, I had a lot of baby stuff left over and going to waste. I was looking for a good cause to donate them to but to my surprise I couldn’t find any…. and that’s how Stichting Babyspullen was born”, says Marjolijn.

It was a new initiative for the Netherlands and by mid 2022, almost 350 volunteers were on board as-well as a wide network of partners. In 2020, the Foundation provided close to 5,000 free baby boxes to families in need and in 2021, we grew that to 5,375. In 2022, our goal is 5,750.

Marjolijn Hermus


Did you know?

  • 1 out of every 13 children in the Netherlands grow up in poverty.
  • In large cities, that number increases to 1 in 4.
  • Every year 13,000 babies are born into a family living under the poverty threshold… that’s 50 babies every day!

Our mission

At Stichting Babyspullen we strive to reduce the effects of poverty on babies and young children.

All over the Netherlands, we organise collections of new and gently used baby items to create baby boxes. These baby boxes are then distributed via various authorities for free to expectant parents who are struggling financially. We do this because we passionately believe that every single child, at the very least, deserves a decent start in life!

How we do it

We have over 200 red coloured collection containers around the country, located at both individual and company addresses. New and used baby items are kindly donated and as soon as a container is full, it’s emptied at a regional storage location. Transport volunteers then collect and deliver the baby itemas collected to our central sorting and distribution centre in Heerhugowaard.

Everything gets sorted and organised into 2 baby box sizes (each one available in girl and boy versions):

  • Size 50 – 68
  • Size 74 – 92

Each box contains clothes, baby care products, toys and bedding.

Who receives a baby box?

Any parent(s) living below the minimum social welfare level who also lack their own social support network. They meet with a partnering aid organisation/government body to determine if a baby box is the best solution and if so, a referral letter is sent to us.
We currently work with 800 different aid organisations to ensure that the baby boxes go to those in need.

Do you need a baby box?
If you fit this criteria and you’re at least 20 weeks pregnant, you can ask either an aid organisation, your obstetrician or midwife to request one from us on your behalf. They should contact us at

wordt donateur van stichting babyspullen


The Foundation exists thanks to the efforts of volunteers and donations (both financial and in-kind) from companies and individuals. We receive the bulk of the baby items as donations, but we also need money to pay the fixed costs involved in keeping the Foundation running, for example for renting office space, computers, logistics and salaries. We also need to buy the baby box essentials for which there’s a shortfall in donations, like blankets and hot water bottles (specific to Holland, known as a “kruik”)

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