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About Us

Stichting Babyspullen helps!


Who are we?

Stichting Babyspullen is a foundation that helps under privileged (mostly young) mothers give their new-borns a better start. In the Netherlands, 1 out of 9 children is growing up in poverty. In big cities this number is even more alarming, 1 out of 4 children is born and raised in an underprivileged situation.

We believe that all children deserve a fair chance for a happy life from the very beginning. Children need the basic necessities to have a better opportunity to grow up healthily. At Stichting Babyspullen we help to provide that by giving boxes of (second-hand) baby necessities to those families in need.

What do we do?

Throughout the Netherlands, Stichting Babyspullen has drop-off points for in kind donations. You can hand in new and second-hand baby clothes at these addresses. At Stichting Babyspullen HQ, we sort out and check all items. We then put together boxes of baby necessities. Families in need will receive two boxes: the first box is composed of items for new-borns (size 50-68), the second box is for toddlers (size 74-92). We provide special boxes for girls and boys. We cooperate with authorities who assist families in need to apply for our help. This ensures us that the boxes are provided to those families who need our help most.

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What can you do?

Do you also believe that all children deserve a fair chance to a happy life from the very beginning? Then please support Stichting Babyspullen!

Donate money

Stichting Babyspullen is run by volunteers, there are no paid staff. To reach our goals and help as many families in need as possible, we need money. We are dependent on donations to continue our work and give all babies a fair chance in life. All donations, big or small, are welcome. You can help us by donating money on account number NL14RABO 0144346958 attention of Stichting Babyspullen.

Donate baby clothes and other necessities

You can help us by donating baby clothes and other necessities, like blankets, bottles and hot water bottles, just to name a few. You can find all locations where you can drop off your donation here. Please check out our Shopping list Stichting Babyspullen to see which items we can use.

Be a volunteer

Stichting Babyspullen is only able to help babies and parents (to be), because we are supported by a great team of volunteers. We are always looking for an extra pair of hands. We can use help collecting baby clothes and other necessities, transportation volunteers and new members for our PR and Fundraising team. If you would like to volunteer, please contact us to discuss the options. You can do so by sending an email to: info@stichtingbabyspullen.nl.


Your help is very much appreciated. Thanks in advance for your help!

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